Arriving at one of the main UK airports can seem a little daunting at first. Ace Taxis aims to make your journey to and from airports as simple as possible. The following are answers to questions that our customers have asked us in the past: -
How do we find our taxi driver at the airport, after our plane lands?
Your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall. This is the area you enter after collecting your luggage and clearing customs control. You will see people holding various signs with passengers names on. Just look for the 'ACE TAXIS' sign with your name. Our drivers are very familiar with all of the different airport terminals and will stand in a prominent position.
The airport is so busy, what if I still cannot see my driver?
If this happens please head to the information desk, which is always clearly signposted, and ask the receptionist to put out a loudspeaker announcement for your driver to meet you there.
My luggage is going to be very heavy ...... can you help?
Of course!! Your driver will take control of your luggage trolley and lead you safely to the car-parking area.
What if my flight is delayed?
As long as you have given us the correct flight number and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), our office will check your flights progress on our highly sophisticated computerised system. This will inform us if there is any significant delay or if your flight is landing ahead of schedule.
How long will you wait ...... What if I lose a piece of baggage and I'm held up?
For flight arrivals we aim to be standing in the Arrivals Hall within 30 minutes of your plane landing. Normally you would clear customs between 30 minutes and an hour after your flight has landed. Don't worry!!......We will not leave without you!! If you know you are taking longer than normal, please telephone our office to advise them. If this is not possible your driver will wait up to 2 hours after your flight lands. You will have to ask a member of airport staff to go and contact your driver if you are going to be over 2 hours. However if your driver does have to spend extra time waiting - this may well increase the car-parking charges and a surcharge will be added if you have not met your driver within 1 hour of your flight arrival.
How do I pay my driver?
Your driver will be happy to accept cash or a cheque supported by a valid guarantee card.
Should I tip my driver?
Gratuities are entirely at your discretion. They are not included in the fare. If you are happy with your drivers service you may like to tip him. An average guide for 'tipping' is approximately 10% of the total fare. Please remember that this is not compulsory or expected.



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